IconArt Magazine

IconArt Magazine is the magazine of artistic and cultural information, both online and on paper, of the Prince Editor, a publishing segment that is a partner of Prince Group srl, a service company operating in the field of art at 360 degrees.
The editorial project was born with the intention of spreading cultural and artistic information and entertainment – ranging from art in the strict sense, to music, to entertainment, to design, etc. – through essays, reviews and more, but above all to give a space to young emerging artists, promoting their knowledge in the vast and competitive panorama of national and international art.

Innovative in this sense is the aspect that allows young artists to make themselves known as such, placing them in the art market through a process of indexing their works by auction, making use of the resources of the Prince Art Selling and Gallery and of the competence of critics, consultants and industry experts. In fact, the works of emerging artists get their first evaluation with a consequent recognition on the market.

The magazine therefore stands out in the vast panorama of the girls in the sector for this dual value: entertainment and dissemination – reaching tens of thousands of users including artists, collectors, art dealers and gallery owners in its online version – and promotion for the artists and consultation of the official stock index – reaching over 25,000 collectors working in the art world in its paper version.

The magazine also has a bi-monthly frequency and can be found both on the website and at events, fairs, exhibitions and anything else organized by the Prince Group.