Paola Iotti has always cultivated a passion for drawing and poetry, publishing in 2015 the collection of rhymes “Of women and other emotions” and, in 2018, “The color of souls”. For several years he has devoted himself to painting with assiduity, having started with figurative art that has turned into a surrealist vision, with the additional discovery of Abstractionism. His works reflect a whole inner world, made of emotions and moods, in a capacity for imagination that explores distant mental places and delves into the purest reverberations of the unconscious. He has participated in various personal and collective exhibitions, where he has received important awards.


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Main exhibitions and awards:

He has participated in various international competitions, exhibitions and art exhibitions, bringing home numerous awards. And, in particular, we highlight:

  • Premio IconArt 2019, Salerno December 2019;
  • “The Save Earth The Save World” at the Palazzo Caetani Fondi, Latina October 2019;
  • “Arte Firenze- Premio Leonardo Da Vinci”, Florence October 2019;
  • “Arte Paris-Premio Picasso” ,Paris September 2019;
  • “Roma Caput Mundi”, Rome, June 2019;
  • Award “Magna Grecia – from Latina to New York ”, 2019;
  • Collective “Mater Mediteraneo” in the mosque of Rome, June 2019;
  • Painting Competition “And I Thomas of Aquinas”, Fondi October 2018;
  • Collective at “Museo della terra Pontina”, Latina June 2018;
  • Collective tiva “Percorsi arti nei Castelli”, May 2017

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