Gianni Grattacaso is a sensitive artist and very open to new ideas. His vision is essentially expressed in Black and White.

The unexpected discovery of Polaroid marks a new goal, and the artist calls himself “instant painter”.

It drowns its whole soul in the “infinite” space of a snapshot, scrutinizes you with curious, attentive and scrupulous eyes, in search of life, of the existence of things: the Greens, the Blue, the Sea, the Blood, the Night , the death; the transparencies of glass, air and thought; but also of a smile, the noises and sounds of the soul.



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Main exhibitions and awards:

He has participated in exhibitions and events including, the most recent are:

  • Scope Art Show New York, New York City marzo 2020;
  • Scope Art Show Miami, Miami Beach dicembre 2019;
  • Miami Scope Art Show Fair, Miami Beach December 2019;
  • Arte Lisbona “Premio Vasco da Gama”, Lisbona, maggioMay 2019;
  • “Italy Taste of Beauty” a febbraio2019, Cagliari  at the Museo Sant Eulalia ;
  • “AFFORDABLE ART FAIR” , Milano in January 2019;
  • “Arte Salerno” at Palazzo Fruscione and the staff at the church of SS. Addolorata, in Salerno, in December 2018;
  • “Arte Milano-The Factory “ at the Fabbrica del Vapore, in Milan, in October 2018;
  • “Expohoto 2015 – XVI China International Photographic Art Exhibition” in China.

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