Born in Turin in 1980, she graduated from the art school in Turin and pursued her passion by teaching painting and sculpture at an association in her city, in the art-terapy social artistic laboratory, conceived by her and open to everyone for free.

The artist wants to transmit, through his works, the delicacy of exotic light and wants his journey to be everyone’s journey, leaving a trace in the heart and mind of those who observe his works, emphasizing beauties and various world cultures.

The objective is to raise public awareness of some serious problems affecting the world, including pollution, war, exclusion, bullying, violence, hatred, femicide and homophobia.



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Main exhibitions and awards:

He has participated in various international competitions, exhibitions and art exhibitions, bringing home numerous awards. And, in particular, we highlight:

  • Collective exhibition in the exhibition halls of the Palazzo della Cancelleria del Vaticano Museo Leonardo Da Vinci, Rome, October 2019;
  • Show event “Dubai polo & Equestrian club”, Dubai, October 2019;
  • Biennale Internazionale di Milano–International Art Meeting, Milan October 2019;
  • “Arte Paris”, Paris September 2019;
  • “ Expo Zurigo”, Zurich, August 2019;
  • Expo Mantova, Mantova, June 2019;
  • “Arte Lisbona”, Lisbon May 2019;
  • “Arte Madrid”, Madrid March 2019;
  • Collettiva “L’arte delle donne”, Milan March 2019;
  • “Arte Praga”, Prague January 2019;
  • “Arte Salerno”, Salerno December 2018.

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