Legnazzi Barbara



Passionate about music, over time she has deepened her other great love, painting, devoting herself to experimenting with what can be described as contemporary material painting.

This research led to a series of works that have attracted considerable interest and have also ventured into sculptural works.

The starting point of all his work is the experimentation of new techniques and ways of creation.



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Main exhibitions and awards:

He has participated in countless exhibitions and competitions including:

  • Scope Art Show New York, New York City, March 2020;
  • Art Innsbruck, Innsbruck January 2020;
  • Premio IconArt 2019, Salerno, December 2019;
  • “Arte Italia”, Athens December 2019;
  • “Arte Roma – Caput Mundi”, Rome, 2019;
  • “Arte Milano – The Factory” Milan 2018;
  • “Viva Arte Venezia”, Venice 2017;
  • “Arte Salerno”, Salerno 2017;
  • “Arte Firenze”, Florance 2016;
  • Triennale d’arte contemporanea, Verona 2016;
  • Collective exhibition “Vibrazioni cromatiche”, Barcellona 2015

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