Lembo Pietro



Pietro Lembo is a self-taught who works in the field of figurative art, with a modern style imbued with contaminations of the tradition of Italian art.

The colors are those linked to the South, in a wide and brilliant range that ranges from the lands to the blues.

The cult of images is the fulcrum of his research.

In his paintings we find real situations juxtaposed with a “nonsense” flavor that have something deeper and more hidden.

His is a social Surrealism made of irony and surreality; his art is made of colors, grotesque creatures and enigmatic characters.



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Main exhibitions and awards:

He has participated in various international competitions, exhibitions and art exhibitions, bringing home numerous awards. And, in particular, we highlight:

  • Art Innsbruck, Innsbruck January 2020;
  • ”Arte Paris”, Paris September 2019”;
  • “Spoleto Arte”,  Palazzo Leti Sansi June-July 2019;
  • “Arte Roma” – Palazzo Ferrajoli, Rome June2019 ;
  • “Arte Lisbona”, Lisbon May 2019;
  • Collective L’ARTE DELLE DONNE Galleria Milano Art Gallery March 2019;
  • Biennale Internazionale Arte Praga – Prague 2018;
  • Arte Salerno – Salerno 2018;
  • Oltre L’Arte Roma Expo – Rome 2018;
  • Award Dominant reality Arte Milano Factory Fabbrica del Vapore Milan 2018;
  • Arte Milano Factory – Fabbrica del vapore Milan 2018;
  • Biennale del Tirreno Award “Selezione Rosario Sprovieri” 2018;
  • Personal exposure at Biennale del Tirreno – Cava de’ Tirreni 2018;
  • Magister Artis – Cava de’ Tirreni 2017
  • Award Leone Alato Viva Arte Venezia – Biennale di Venezia 2017
  • Collective Internazionale Viva Arte Venezia – Biennale di Venezia 2017
  • Collective Internazionale S’i fossi foco – Firenze 2016
  • Collective Internazionale Entropie Bellano Lecco 2016
  • Collective Internazionale Il Duende – Varenna Lecco 2016

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