Casciotti Alessandra



Born in Rome, where she lives and works. His artistic interests have accompanied the different phases of his life. Over time, painting has become a specific instrument of expressive investigation and field of work, welcoming a sensibility educated in the cult of classical beauty, of formal balances, but also of a modern anthropological and ethical vision of “making art”.

After a long period of study of the pictorial technique, which entailed the mastery of his own expressive baggage, the artist undertook an intense expository activity catching flattering consents.

Among the milestones of his artistic career we highlight the participation in the international events of “Arte Paris”, in Paris in September 2019 and “Arte Milano”, in Milan in October 2018, and the invitation to exhibit at the 58th Venice Biennale , in the Dominican Republic pavilion. In June 2019 he exhibited in the review “Mediterranean Mater”, at the Islamic Center of Rome and was selected to participate in the artistic project “The solitude of the angel” which touches, in the course of 2019, three stages: Assisi, Berlin and Tirana.



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Main exhibitions and awards

  • Premio IconArt 2019, Salerno, dicembre 2019;
  • “Arte Paris”a Parigi a settembre 2019;
  • “Arte Milano” a Milano nell’ottobre 2018;
  • 58esima Biennale di Venezia nel padiglione della Repubblica Dominicana;
  • Nel giugno 2019 ha esposto nella rassegna “Mater mediterranea”, al Centro islamico di Roma ed è stata selezionata per partecipare al progetto artistico “La solitudine dell’angelo” che tocca, nel corso del 2019, tre tappe: Assisi, Berlino e Tirana.

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