Bellani Raffaella



He lives in Fidenza, in the province of Parma. After a long period of inactivity, in the summer of 2005 he resumed painting.

Start with the brush in an absolutely realistic way, then move to the spatula playing with black and white when it is now saturated with color. Changing genre, and sometimes even technical, he paints metropolises to which he superimposes women understood as moods, in the perception of the strenuous search for balance and harmony.

He conceives works with the overlap of multiple figurative images, often on an abstract background. “The artist from Parma has a rich technical and stylistic baggage – the president of ArtetrA wrote Veronica Nicoli of her works – the absolute protagonists of her works are the women of today, heroines of modernity who affirm with great dignity their right to exist”.



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Main exhibitions and awards

The artist has participated in numerous exhibitions. And in particular:

  • Scope Art Show New York 2020, New York City, marzo 2020;
  • Art Innsbruck, Innsbruck,  gennaio 2020;
  • Premio IconArt 2019, vincitrice primo premio, Salerno, dicembre 2019;
  • “Arte Paris”, Parigi settembre 2019;
  • “Arte Lisbona”, Lisbona maggio 2019;
  • “Arte Madrid”, Madrid marzo 2019;
  • “Arte Praga”, Praga gennaio 2019;
  • “Arte Salerno”, Salerno dicembre 2018;
  • “Arte Milano”, Milano ottobre 2018; mostra personale a Fidenza, ottobre 2017;
  • personale “Sinfonia in rosso”, Busseto giugno 2016.

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